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How to create an event design & styling proposal.

Many events both large and small hire vendors to supply products and services to assist the event manager to plan, manage and execute incredible events.

All of these vendors are experts in their fields and will do their very best to help the event styling and design come to life. However, in order for the event to make a wonderful impact, all areas of styling & design should flow seamlessly together and complement one another. By creating an event design & styling proposal, you are creating a document that will provide a clear and consistent message – allowing all your vendors to obtain a good understanding of what the event is to look like and how you envisage this coming together. It is a framework for a well thought through event.

What to Include in an Event Design & Styling Proposal

An event design & styling proposal is an image heavy document that can be developed in PowerPoint for instance. This document will be incredibly helpful to communicate to your suppliers as to how you would like them to develop the look and feel for your event. It can be instructional or perhaps a guide for your vendors – filled with inspiration, colour palettes, ideal furniture ideas, layout of the room, areas that need to be themed/styled and so on.

The Event:

Before you delve into the imagery, outline the event key details that will impact the design & styling. For instance:

  • Objectives & goals from event design & styling.
  • Purpose of event.
  • Target audience.
  • Budget.

The Feel:

How do you want your guests to feel when they attend your event. You may like to really work on creating the right mood from the moment they enter the venue to the moment they leave. This can be achieved by looking at entertainment, staff, activations and so much more – from a design & styling perspective perhaps you could outline:

  • Colour scheme choice.
  • Music to be played. Sound effects.
  • Lighting and lighting effects.
  • Interactive elements.

Furniture & Hire:

Furniture and hired goods add a great deal to the style of your event. You may like to provide some direction as to the look & feel of these items that you are hoping to achieve. This may include outlining:

  • Chairs & tables.
  • Event furniture to complement the venue – such as bar, lounges.
  • Activations, portable hire and installations.
  • Decor & props to complement the furniture & venue.
  • General furniture & hired items – including indoor, outdoor.
  • Signage and illuminated items.
  • Props and theme items.


The tables at your event are often the area where guests spend a majority of their time. It is always nice to be seated on well styled and not crowded table.

  • What is to be included on the tables?
  • Linen and napkins.
  • Placecards, menus.
  • Gifts.
  • Centrepieces.
  • Chosen glassware, cutlery & crockery.


The event collateral is a great way to encompass the overall design & styling of the event. The event invitation is often the first thing guests see, so think about how the collateral can complement and work in well with the overall event look & feel.

  • Collateral design look & feel, inspiration.
  • Invitations, menus, placecards.
  • Signage.
  • Direction notes/instructions.
  • Novelty design.

Entertainment & Activations

  • Ideas of activations and entertainment that will complement the style, design and theme of the event.

Venue & Site Layout

The venue choice will add a great deal to your ideal look & feel for your event. A venue that exudes character and complements the right look & feel for your event could potentially save you a lot of money in styling.

  • Showcase the venue using images.
  • Showcase the layout, where each area of the event will take place. This will give the vendors some background and understanding on what they are need to achieve.
  • Break each part of the room down – areas you would like to style. Outside the venue, entry, thoroughfares, main event space, tables, stage, ceiling.
  • Other areas that can really impact your styling & design and make areas ‘pop’ include Audio Visual. Look at how lighting effects, gobos, colour lighting could enhance your space. Music in areas throughout the room – for instance at entry to create the right feel.

Images tell a thousand words. So embrace this and depict your thoughts in photos/colours/inspiration.

Good luck with your event styling & design. Have fun with it!!

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