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Wedding Advice | Event Planning Tips

Congrats on your engagement, have you started your wedding planning yet? Here are 10 Wedding Podcasts you may like to consider listening to for some wedding advice, inspiration, insight, and general know-how.

Do not forget to download our incredible Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline to help you feel in control and on top of your wedding planning.  Our 14-page checklist is pure gold!  We also have the Ultimate Wedding Planning Kit that not only includes the checklist & timeline, but also 6 essential templates to guide effective planning. 

1. Hitched

Host: Aleisha McCormack

Have you got a ring on it? Are you hoping to get engaged? Or do you just really like wedding stuff? Well, you’re in the right place! Hitched is the 10-week wedding crash course. It’s your no-nonsense guide to planning a wedding without losing your marbles.

2. Wedding Secrets

Co-Hosts: Ange Anderson & Georgina Prior

Two marriage celebrants who have teamed up to help you plan your wedding day.

3. Manage My Wedding Podcast

Host: Yvette Sitters

Yvette provides tricks and tips to help remove the wedding overwhelm and stress.  She provides a step by step plan to managing your wedding.

4. The Wedding Digest

Co-Host: Ally & Lucy

Brought you you by wedBooker.  Ally & Lucy talk all things weddings including sourcing the best wedding locations and booking wedding venues and suppliers so you can tick off that all important wedding checklist.  

5. Let’s Talk Weddings

Host: Vanessa

Aims to bring you useful hints, tips and tricks to help you plan the ultimate wedding.  Brought to you by wedding planning experts. 

6. The Australian Wedding Podcast

Co-Hosts: Adam and Brenden

The Australian Wedding Podcast is a platform to shine the light on the Australian Wedding Industry, to help and guide future couples on what is new and happening in the industry.

7. Bridechilla Podcast 

Host: Aleisha McCormack

Try and help you solve wedding plannign conudrums and keep you chilled.

8. The Wedding Guide Podcast

Host: Pete The Celebrant

Wedding Planning just got simple.  Learn from freshly wed couples and incredible wedding suppliers/professionals as they help you navigate and plan your celebration.

Learn about them, their experiences and advice on how to create your big day.

9. The You and Me Podcast

Co-Hosts: Laura from Wanderlust Creative, and Andie from the Bridal Journey.

Do you scroll through the thousands of wedding posts and think that is is really overwhelming? Wish you had your very own wedding whisperer to tell you what will work and what wont?! The You and Me Podcast may just be what you have been waiting for!

10. The Secret Life of Weddings

Co-Hosts: Lisa & Rebecca

These girls are not joking, they LOVE dishing out the world’s craziest wedding tales!

All the stories told on The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast are 100% true and completely unbelievable! These tales of nuptial woe are guaranteed to make you cry-laugh.

Some others you may like to consider:

  • Put a Ring on It
  • Engaged
  • The Wedding Planning Podcast
  • To Does Before I Do
  • Now You’re Engaged
  • Get Wed Podcast
  • From Ring to Veil

Happy listening and good luck with your planning.

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