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Hiring an event planner or coordinator may be an asset to help you plan an incredible event. Here we discuss 7 benefits of hiring event planners

It is no secret that running an event can be incredibly stressful. In fact, Event Management & Coordination is often voted in the top 10 most stressful jobs!  No wonder people hire event planners to help manage their projects.

If you are organised and dedicated, you may find event management quite rewarding and fulfilling. However that is often the problem.  People are busy and have limited time to focus on the organisation of an event.  The planning, management and execution may feel incredibly overwhelming and this may impact the success, not to mention the enjoyment of event planning.

The key to successful event management is organisation, flexibility, people skills, time management and passion.  If you do not have the time, the energy or the patience to run your own event then we would absolutely recommend you contract an event planner or coordinator to help you.

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An Event Planner will happily take charge of the event, they are brilliant at what they do.

Depending on what your requirements are, the planner will manage as little or as much as you like.  The best part is planners have an abundance of industry insight and know-how, so they can help guide and advise on the finest of details. 

Lets discuss 7 Benefits of hiring event planners and event coordinators.

1. Lower the Stress Levels

Let an event manger take on the load and allow you to de-stress.  A good planner will take over the mental load and limit your headaches immediately. 

2. Advise & Inspire

Knowledge is key and Event Planners have plenty.  They will be able to advise and recommend venues, vendors, designs, format, timelines, costs, contracts and so much more!

The industry insight that planners hold will make the decision-making processes a lot more streamlined and efficient with them by your side.  They will often be well aware of trends, what’s hot, tips and how to get good bang for your buck!

3. Develop your Dream Event

Working in conjunction with you, the planner will come up with the best approach to create your dream event.  Event planners will at times recommend alternatives and suggest different lines of thinking…however ultimately they have been hired to make your event come to life – so they will work very hard to do so and make you happy.

4. Streamline Communication

Having your very own event planner will streamline the event management process by having one line of communication.  This will allow all vendors, venues, suppliers and contacts to know who they need to speak to and how to contact them.  

It is often very helpful having professional event planners deal with other industry experts – they talk the talk and know the lingo.

5. Keep on Top of Administration

The administration of events is often the most time consuming – especially if you have never run an event before.  From guest lists, guest management, table plans, running orders, vendors briefs, MC notes and much more – the administration is enough to drive you crazy.

Event planners are very familiar with the documents and administration that comes with event management and they will most likely already have all these files templated ready to go.  

Having someone take over the administration of an event is a god send in itself! 

6. Cross your T’s and Dot your I’s:

An event planner is so incredibly organised that they will ensure your event is planned, managed and executed right down to the finest of details.

Organisation is a planner’s specialty and this skill comes naturally to those that are the best in the business. 

7. Be your Right-Hand Person:

A planner is basically your right-hand person and they will be your side kick for the duration of the pre-event planning, event day execution and post event debrief.  

To find an Australian event planner that is right for you, jump onto The Event Bible.

To help you plan an incredible event, download The Event Bible Wedding Planning Kit or the Event Planning Kit to guide you through every step of the event management process.  


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