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Caravan Sounds

Activities & Activations, Entertainment | MCs | Key Note | Performers

Chirnside Park, Victoria

South Australia, Victoria


We have 2 mobile Caravan DJ Booths based in Melbourne & Adelaide.

Designed to roll in, get a dancefloor thumping for your event, and roll out again once its all done.

Live music can be plugged into the caravans onboard mixers.

So if you can’t decide on live music or a DJ, why not both?

You can customise the van with company branding, couples names, hashtags or more. It looks fabulous.

Perfect for outdoor weddings, parties, festivals, activations, store openings and more.

All our DJ’s have been playing Weddings, Festivals, Clubs and Pubs for 10+ years and are of the highest quality.

We (Sarah & Casey) have been working in the entertainment & event industry for well over 20 years combined.

We know how to run a logistically sound event with great communication, quality, high safety standards and a cheeky smile.

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Servicing regions

The Event Bible The Event Bible South Australia
All South Australia
The Event Bible The Event Bible Victoria
All Victoria

Environmentally friendly

We like to make our additional add on items (fences, seating etc) from recycled or second hand materials.

Being a company that can find ourself moving from one wine region to another, we are biosecurity aware and operate with strict vinehealth practices in mind. We certainly don’t want to spread viruses or bugs from one wine region to another. So we take serious cleaning measures using organic cleaning products.

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We are waiting to chat with you

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