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Wedding Advice | Event Planning Tips

First things first, what is an event plan?

An event plan is a detailed document that outlines your proposed project from start to finish.  Therefore, allowing you to clearly communicate the event details, the purpose of the event, the objectives and how you will plan, manage and execute the event effectively. 

Why Create an Event Plan?

The plan allows you to think about all aspects of the event management process and what is required for the event to meet objectives and overcome hurdles.  Due to this there are a number of areas you may need to consider outlining. These may include:

  • who is the beneficiary;
  • background information about the event;
  • history;
  • background and experience of the individual/organisation running the event;
  • what is your budget;
  • who is your team;
  • how much do you need to source in investments or support;
  • analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the event;
  • outlining any possible risks – SWOT;
  • conducting a thorough competitor analysis, and so on…

Think of this plan as your framework, it should outline everything you need to know.  The Event Plan could be a reference for future teams to learn from and it will allow you to effectively evaluate the success of the event.  It is a great document to ensure everyone is on the same page and following the same path.

As a result, if someone, even if they are not involved in the project, picks up this document, they will be able to obtain a thorough understanding about all aspects of the event management process.

What to Include?

To help you get off to a great start we recommend that you download The Event Bible Event Management Kit, this kit has a fantastic Event Plan template ready for you. This kit also includes 10 other essential templates to help you run an incredible event. 

To give you an idea, here is a snapshot of the sections you may like to include: 

  1. Cover Page
  2. Contents Page
  3. Executive Summary.  
  4. The Team.
  5. The Back Story.
  6. Event Overview.
  7. Event Planning.
  8. Operational Plan.
  9. Marketing, Promotion & Communication.
  10. Financial Plan.
  11. Team Management.
  12. Appendix.

Within each section there are a number of sub-categories that you will outline.  For a detailed template with corresponding sub-categories download the Event Plan in The Event Bible – Event Management Kit.

Another helpful link you can refer to is on Event Brite.

Good luck with the event management process. Plan well and you will see the benefits.

To help you plan an incredible event, do not forget to download an essential event planning toolkit from The Event Bible or perhaps you would like to book in a customised phone consultation with our event expert to receive specific event support.


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