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In this day and age, many engaged couples are considering the environment when it comes to post wedding celebrations – and are actively choosing to opt for a more sustainable approach to confetti.

There is no longer a need to use paper confetti when you can choose something that looks great, smells great and will not harm our wonderful country.


Here are some ideas you may like to consider…

Leaf Clippings

This is such an effective environmentally friendly confetti option that looks stunning and something you can create from the comfort of your lounge room. Grab some leaves, hole punchers, friends, nibbles and champagne and make a night of it. Simply hole punch the leaves and package up in cones of recycled paper or newspaper. To add a little ‘love’ to the confetti, perhaps source a heart shaped hole punch.


Simply select some nice looking leaves, package up in cones of recycled paper or newspaper and bobs your uncle. Easy, effective and most importantly environmentally friendly!

Flower Petals

An alternative to leaves and to add some colour is to select a variety of flowers petals. Petals can be either fresh or dried. The benefit of dried petals is that you can prepare the confetti in advance and tick it off your list. While fresh petals will need to be distributed into confetti cones just before the event.

Aromatic Florals/Herbs

Perhaps you would like to include some nice smelling additions to your confetti – lavender, rosemary, thyme, sage or pot pourri.

Something for the birds

Select your confetti based upon what birds may like to nibble on after the festivities have concluded. Perhaps you would look at rice, oats and birdseed options.

Throw and grow seeds

If you are getting married on some land that allows for things to grow – perhaps your confetti could grass seed, flower seed or a manufactured throw and grow option. It is important to have approval to ‘throw & grow’ before you go ahead and initiate this idea.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration to choose an environmentally friendly confetti option for your wedding day. To get even more inspiration jump on to Pinterest or be inspired by nature. All images have been sourced from Pinterest.

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