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Wedding Advice | Event Planning Tips

Woohoo you are engaged!! What a wonderfully magical time for you and your partner to share together.

You have sat back, reflected and soaked up the moment, now let the love bubble you are in grow by sharing the news with your nearest and dearest

You may call us old-fashioned, however we strongly recommend you hold-off announcing your engagement on Social Media until your closest friends and family have received a personal announcement from you.  

Telling your loved ones is an experience you will wish you could bottle up and keep forever, pure joy.  Enjoy this time and make sure you lap up the good vibes that surround any great love story!

Here are some ideas as to how you may like to announce your engagement to your loved ones.

Pick up the phone

A simple phone call will certainly do the trick and will allow the person receiving the news to delve further into how the proposal took place.  A video call will allow you to show off your ring and the jubilation on your faces.  

Keep it a secret

Hold off on telling your friends and family until you are in the same room as them…then pop the news.  The celebration will be joyous! And the look of surprise, shock and happiness will be a memory worth savouring.

Or perhaps you do not ‘announce’ your engagement as such, instead showcase your ring on your finger and wait for someone to notice your new jewellery.  

Capture the moment

Taking a happy snap of you and your partner soon after the proposal and then sending it around will certainly capture the moment. 

  1. Hire a photographer or videographer to capture the proposal minute by minute. Candid moments tell the best story.
  2. Capture the ring.
  3. Toast Champagne.
  4. Kiss.

Get Creative

Take a creative photo or video and send it around:

  • Jumping for joy
  • Use of props 
  • Announcement written on the ground, sand, with flowers…
  • Use of signage
  • Announcement on clothing
  • Include your kids in the announcement 
  • Include your pets
  • Come up with a clever or witty caption

Host a dinner party

Invite your nearest and dearest friends over for a dinner to announce the news.  Perhaps arrange for the news to announced around the time of your birthday so no one suspects a thing. 


It is easy to get lost in the love bubble, so try not to forget to be respectful of other newsworthy announcements happening at a similar time to yours.  You do not want to overshadow someone’s else’s wonderful celebration, news or announcement.  Everybody deserves their time in the limelight.

Now let the world now…

Now that you have informed your nearest and dearest with a personal announcement.  You may now feel like letting the whole world know that you are in love by shouting from the roof tops…

How about the next best thing…taking to Social Media.

Social Media etiquette when announcing your engagement:

  • Capture the moment in a photo.
  • Let the photo tell the story.
  • Do not get caught up on the jewellery.  The story is about you and your partner. 
  • Caption to be short and sweet, do not over share.
  • Do not flood the news feed.  One announcement on social media is enough.
  • Thank the people that send you well wishes and comment on your photo.

We hope you absolutely love this time.

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Happy wedding planning!

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