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Deciding on how you will serve the food and drink at your wedding is a very important aspect to consider. Nice food & nice drink certainly do make for a great time, so try to execute this effectively. Working our what style of catering and beverage service will best suit your event format & style will help you shortlist ideas.

Here are some ideas to consider…

Hire a Caterer

Contracting a caterer to serve all the food, drink and also provide all wait staff at your wedding will help streamline the event planning process. Many venues who offer in-house caterers will look after all this for you, however if you are contracting a caterer yourself it is important to:

  • Do your research;
  • Ensure they are the right fit for your wedding;
  • Serve the food & drink that you like;
  • Approve the menu and possibly do a tasting if that is available to you;
  • Suss out if they also provide the wait and bar staff;
  • Take all their waste away with them;
  • Find out what their requirements are when it comes to kitchen access, preparation space, equipment and so on.

Mobile Bars & Tables

There is a great selection of fab mobile food & beverage businesses that can come to your wedding and offer a unique service that will complement your chosen caterer. Some fantastic options we have seen include:

  • Oyster & cavier bar
  • Dessert bar
  • Martini bar
  • Gin & tonic bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • Grazing tables

Mobile Food & Beverage Vehicles

There are some wonderful catering and beverage services that can drive straight into your wedding, literally. They set up and operate out of the vehicle – whether that is a truck, van, horse float, caravan. These services not only can be extremely effective in offering an easy bump-in and out option, they are also very suitable for outdoor and rural events, while adding a great deal of atmosphere and styling to your wedding.


When we talk about ‘installations’, we are referring to unique ideas to display food & drink at your wedding. We suggest you jump on Pinterest and have a browse at some ideas. Some ideas that have proven to be very popular at weddings in recent times include donut walls, pop corn stands, Prosecco walls, wine shelves, DIY cocktail stands and so much more…

By including a great installation at your wedding, you are not only offering a service, but something for the guests to engage in and interact with.

We hope this short snapshot at catering and beverage ideas has provided some inspiration.

Do not forget to visit The Event Bible for all you need to know about events planning. In particular we highly recommend that you download the Ultimate Wedding Planning Kit to help plan, manage and execute an incredible wedding.

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