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The people you choose to be a part of your Bridal Party are the ones you trust and respect the most.  You love these people endlessly and you want them to be a part of your special day, not only to make it incredibly memorable, but to also support and guide you through this magical experience. 

So how do you ask your besties to be a part of your bridal party? Well of course there is simply asking them face to face, however if you would like some other options here are 40 creative ideas that you can use to propose to your bridal party…

Something to wear:

  • Silk PJs: Customise some silk pjs for your wedding party, box them up and ask them while they are opening their gift.  You can all wear these matching PJs on the morning of the big day.
  • Floral robes: Purchase some beautiful floral silk robes, wrap them up and complement with a thoughtful card.  Not only can your besties keep this gift forever, but you will all look fabulous donning the robes while getting hair and make up done on the wedding morning.
  • Initialled slippers: gorgeous comfy slipped with each of your bridal parties initials on them will be very well received.
  • Denim jackets: Matching denim jackets are always a hoot and something that you can wear in the lead up to the wedding day.
  • Other: personalised hats, t-shirts, tanks, socks, underwear, clothes hangers.

Drinks & Glassware:

  • Pop some bubbles: Buy all your besties a beautiful bottle of Champagne and write them a heartfelt card.  Or perhaps you can re-label some bubbles or wine with your invitation as the label.
  • Wine Glasses: You may also like to gift some lovely wine glasses, champagne glasses or beer glasses to complement their drink of choice.

Luxe customised gifts:

The options here are endless when it comes to customising a gift.  Our favs are a 

  • Leather notebook
  • Leather credit card holder
  • Ear pods
  • Phone case

Wedding vouchers:

There will be some costs that you may like to cover on behalf of your bridal party.  Perhaps you could create a wedding invitation kit which includes a hamper of vouchers you would like to cover. Some ideas may include a vouchers for a bridal shop; massage; manicure & pedicure; tan; eyelashes & brows; hair & make-up; wedding accommodation etc.

For the destination wedding: 

Are you having a destination wedding? You may like to invite your friends to be a part of your bridal party with something they can use on the trip away.  How about a travel gift that is customised or initialed?

  • Luggage bag.
  • Make up bag.
  • Ear pod case.
  • Luggage tag.
  • Sleeping mask.
  • Overnight bag.
  • Passport holder.

Make a game of it

Invite your friends by using a customised game that they need to solve to find out the hidden message. Such as unscramble the words, treasure hunt, scrabble or word find.

Pamper them!

  • It is always nice to take your besties on a pamper session before the wedding day.  Create a pamper pack with some bath salts, moisturiser, candles, perfume, vouchers for massage, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows, eyelashes & tan.
  • Take them out for a pampering session.

Sentimental Item:

  • Write them a letter or a card: A letter is often the best method.  You may have some words to pen that your besties can cherish.
  • Invite them: Get creative a make an invitation.  There are so many wonderful online options to propose to your tribe.  
  • Special gift: Buy a lovely gift that your bridal party can wear/look at/treasure for many years to come and know it was from you.
  • Matching necklaces: Matching necklaces are a beautiful idea and one that your bridal party can all wear on your wedding day.


  • Take them out for dinner, lunch, brunch: no better way to ask your friends than taking them out to celebrate. Spoil them and thank them.
  • Cook them up a feast: invite them around for a night in. Cook them something yummy and celebrate or perhaps order some catering.

Get Creative:

  • Personalised Illustration.
  • Painting: with a note on the back.
  • Customised watercolour or painting of you and your friend.
  • Frame a photo and write a card.
  • Send them a video invitation.

Send something:

  • Helium balloons.
  • Door step gift: Flowers with a card, box of chocolates, personalised hamper.
  • Purchase a ‘scatch card’ and post it.

Novelty item:

If a novelty item takes your fancy, how about you create a personalised or customised coffee cup, stubby holder, diary, notebook, coffee cup, cuff links, tie, hair accessories and so much more…

The ideas of how you can invite friends to be a party of your bridal party are endless. Have fun and do not over think it. Your friends will be honoured and excited to be a part of your special day, regardless of what you gift or how you ask them.

To help you plan an incredible wedding download The Event Bible Wedding Planning Kit to help guide you through every step of the wedding planning process. If you need customised event advice please book in a phone consultation with our event expert.


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