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Invite Only

Event Gifts, Printing, Stationery | Invitations

Newtown, New South Wales

New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia


Invite Only started out as a passion project, a medium to explore minimalist design and create stunning print pieces. Today it is thriving as a quality creative studio producing modern event stationery and custom illustrations. We work with our clients to put their personality onto paper and bring to life their dream stationery.

Servicing regions

The Event Bible The Event Bible New South Wales
All New South Wales
The Event Bible The Event Bible Northern Territory
All Northern Territory
The Event Bible The Event Bible Queensland
All Queensland
The Event Bible The Event Bible South Australia
All South Australia
The Event Bible The Event Bible Tasmania
All Tasmania
The Event Bible The Event Bible Victoria
All Victoria
The Event Bible The Event Bible Western Australia
All Western Australia

Environmentally friendly

Sustainably sourced. Environmentally friendly.

All the paper stock we use is FSC certified.

This means that the wood pulp used to manufacture the paper is sourced from forests that are managed in a responsible way and not old growth rain forests. Some of the Mills we source from even recycle the water several times over and use wind power to run the mill.

It’s nice to know our choices are making a difference.

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