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Cloud Nine Global

Event Gifts

Camperdown, New South Wales

New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia


Cloud Nine Global is one of Australia’s leading gifting agencies, creating bespoke gifts for events, conferences, staff and clients, incentive travel, weddings and seasonal events such as birthdays and Christmas. We proudly support local, and source 100% of our products and packaging from Australian suppliers. We do the research, testing and negotiating to ensure we have the most beautiful products at the best prices in our gifts.

We have a big focus on sustainability and love working with partners who share our ethos. We’re incredibly resourceful and creative, and love producing bespoke personalised gifts for each of our clients. All we need is a simple brief and we’ll come back to you with a range of gift ideas your clients is guaranteed to love.

Servicing regions

The Event Bible The Event Bible New South Wales
All New South Wales
The Event Bible The Event Bible Northern Territory
All Northern Territory
The Event Bible The Event Bible Queensland
All Queensland
The Event Bible The Event Bible South Australia
All South Australia
The Event Bible The Event Bible Tasmania
All Tasmania
The Event Bible The Event Bible Victoria
All Victoria
The Event Bible The Event Bible Western Australia
All Western Australia

Environmentally friendly

We have a huge focus on sustainability and minimising our eco footprint. We work with our suppliers to minimise packaging, use recycled, organic and natural materials where possible, and we love supporting other brands who focus on sustainability. See our website for more on our eco mission.

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