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Congratulations on your engagement!  What an absolutely magical time for you and your partner.

After announcing your engagement to friends and family, it is only natural that one of the first questions to spring to mind is “when should we get married?”

Good question!  You may already have a clear idea of when you would like to host your wedding, however many couples have never considered the question and will be exploring this new ‘wedding planning’ territory together for the first time!  

Sit down, grab a glass of bubbles and start laying the foundational elements to your wedding plan.  Check out the incredibly helpful Wedding Checklist & Timeline’ in The Event Bible Wedding Planning Kit for a detailed list of elements and prompts to assist you to plan, manage and execute an incredible wedding.  We could not recommend this kit enough – it is super helpful!

There are a number of variables that may impact your chosen wedding date.  It is best to consider them all and weigh up their importance. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you get married on a hot sticky day or a cold winters evening.  What matters is that you are marrying your all-time favourite human.  So remind yourself of this fact every now and again, as it may just put things into perspective and make the planning process less daunting.

To kick off the discussions with your partner we have touched on our top 5 considerations.

1. Weather | Season

It is hard to predict the weather in Australia with our four seasons in one day.  The most popular months to host a wedding are October, November, March & April.  While a lot of weddings are also hosted in December, January & February.

Autumn and Spring are the top two seasons to get married.

Needless to say, June and July are the least popular months to get married, perhaps it is because the Australian Winter can be miserable.  However, a winter wedding could be magical and certainly worth considering if you would like to avoid the wedding season price hikes. 

Australia is a big country and can witness various weather patterns.  Here is a snapshot for you to consider:

  • Warmest months are December to March;
  • Driest month is September;
  • The wet season in far North Australia ranges from November to April;
  • Coolest months are May to August.

Depending on where you are hoping to get married will certainly impact what season you choose. 

Summer months across the continent can range from blistering heat to cool days down South in Victoria and Tasmania.  Perth is known for their sunny days and most consistent weather patterns, while far North Queensland can experience very hot, humid weather conditions and excessive rainfall at certain times of the year.

Research the location you would like to get married and the weather that can be expected at different times of the year. 

2. Venue & Vendor Availability

If you have a dream wedding venue already picked out in your mind or perhaps some preferred wedding suppliers, then the availability of such businesses may impact what date options are available to choose from for your wedding.

To avoid disappointment by missing out on your preferred venue or vendors, ensure that you allow plenty of time to plan your wedding.  Phone around and speak with the wedding venues and preferred vendors as soon as possible to establish their availability.

In an ideal world this will all work in conjunction with one another, and you will find a venue and vendors that are available on the same day during your preferred season.  However, do not get disenchanted if you have to compromise a little…

3. Holidays

Many couples steer clear of public holidays and the holiday seasons to avoid their wedding date clashing with pre-arranged commitments already made by their guests, such as an Interstate or International holiday.

On the flip side, public holiday weekends may prove to be a convenient time to set a wedding, especially if there is travel involved.  The extra day off from work and every day commitments may allow you to host a recovery and extra activities surrounding your wedding.  It will also allow guests to make a long weekend of the wedding festivities. 

If you are considering hosting your wedding during a holiday period, we would strongly recommend communicating this to your guests very early with a Save the Date so they can put this commitment in the diary. 

4. Friends & Family 

Your guest list will be made up of all your most loved and respected friends and family, and out of this list there will most certainly be some VVIP guests that you would definitely not want to miss out on your wedding day.

Touch base with these VVIPs prior to setting your date to ensure it works in with their plans.  This is a fool-proof method to ensure your most treasured people can attend and witness your marriage.

5. Sentimental Reasons

Perhaps you have a lucky number or a date that is special to and your family? Whatever the reason it is not uncommon for couples to choose their wedding date based on sentimental reasons.

When it all boils down.  The date you choose for your wedding is ultimately up to you and your partner.  Choose a date that you feel is right for the variables that you want to consider.

Good luck with your wedding planning.

To help you plan an incredible wedding download The Event Bible Wedding Planning Kit to help guide you through every step of the wedding planning process. If you need customised event advice please book in a phone consultation with our event expert. 

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