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Wedding Advice | Event Planning Tips

What is the ‘the wedding format’?

When we refer to the wedding format, we are basically referring to how the wedding is arranged or set out. There are a number of elements that can impact the format of your wedding.

To help you and your partner work through what format is right for you – we have listed some questions below for you to answer. By answering these questions our aim is to provide you with all the basic information you may require set your format and provide your with the foundational elements to kick start your wedding planning.


Ceremony format:

  1. What time of day is your ceremony taking place?
  2. Day of the week?
  3. Would you like an inside or outside ceremony?
  4. Where is the ceremony taking place? Does this venue already have a certain look/feel/decor/style?
  5. Do you have a wet weather or inclement weather contingency?
  6. How long will your ceremony take place?
  7. Would you like all your guests to have a seat during the ceremony or is standing up fine with you?
  8. Would you like to allow mobile phone use? i.e. guests to take photos?
  9. Will your ceremony be a traditional order of service, or would you like to add some unique elements?
  10. Who is facilitating your wedding? Will this person manage most of the talking or will you have others doing some readings/performances/music etc.
  11. Is there anything in particular you really hope to include in your ceremony?
  12. What is the layout of the ceremony? Seats/ benches/ arbour/ backdrop/ styling down the aisle/ carpet runner/ florals/ greenery/ lighting/ signing table?
  13. What type of ceremony/wedding style are you going for? Some words that may inspire you are coastal / rustic / farm / modern / contemporary / romantic / traditional / fun / vintage / eclectic / garden party / fairytale / whimsical / formal / casual / beach / bright / island / nautical
  14. What is the styling that you want to include in ceremony? Florals/ greenery / props / decor / candles
  15. Are children welcome?
  16. What is the dress code?

Pre-drinks format:

  1. How long do guests need to wait between ceremony and reception? Pre-drinks may assist with this ‘wait time’.
  2. Pre-drinks at the reception venue? ceremony venue? or somewhere else?
  3. What is on offer? Canapés/drinks?
  4. Timeframe?
  5. Look & feel?
  6. Style?
  7. Will you offer transport from venue to venue?
  8. Are children welcome?
  9. Are there any activities / installations?

Wedding format:

  1. Does your ceremony, pre-drinks and wedding all work in together with the same style/theme?
  2. Where are you hosting the reception?
  3. Indoor or outdoor?
  4. Do you require marquee / tipi / structure hire?
  5. Do you require furniture & decor hire?
  6. What type of entertainment would you like? Live band / DJ / stringed quartet / violinist / acoustic / dancers / performers etc
  7. Think about all the vendors you hope to contract for your wedding… how will they fit into the celebration and make it your dream wedding?
  8. Do you have an MC?
  9. How will guests enter the reception? Straight to their tables or to an open plan room? Direct guests accordingly (i.e. guest lists, tables plans, placecards).
  10. Do you have speeches?
  11. How long will the speeches go for? Will guests need to have a seat during this time?
  12. How would you like your catering be served? Sit down dinner / stand up cocktail party / help yourself food stations / food trucks / DIY food & beverage stands / mixture of sit down and stand up / roaming desserts / grazing tables / platters on tables / plated meals
  13. What type of tables will you have? Round / rectangle / long trestles.
  14. If you are not having a sit down wedding, perhaps consider the seating options/lounges for guests to have a rest.
  15. Are children welcome?
  16. What is the dress code?
  17. Are there any activities / installations?

To help you plan an incredible wedding download The Event Bible Wedding Planning Kit – it will guide you through every step of the wedding planning process. If you need customised event advice please book in a phone consultation with our event expert. 


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