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What is an event marketing plan and what to include in it?

To run a successful event everyone should consider how they can effectively market and communicate their event to their primary target market, build presence and increase exposure. By developing a detailed event marketing plan you are likely to develop the essential knowledge that will allow you to effectively do this.

What is an Event Marketing Plan?

The event marketing plan is a detailed document that complements the overall event management and will help you develop and execute a well-structured marketing schedule.   Think of this document as your roadmap to help you successfully promote and market an incredible event.

Everyone would like their event to attract positive attention, sell tickets, secure sponsors, gain momentum and be successful. For these reasons you should think about how you are going to promote the event, who will be attending the event and why people will want to attend your event. 

Benefits of a Marketing Plan

  1. Allows you clearly define your target market(s).
  2. Encourages research and thinking around what will work for your chosen market. Cut through ideas.
  3. Encourages creative thinking.
  4. Outlines a clear marketing budget.
  5. Allows you to plan and allocate marketing channels and media that fit into the allocated budget.
  6. Clearly outline the key brand messages. Allowing you to establish a very succinct and clear messaging system that your whole team can work from.
  7. Allows you to set a clear, concise and well thought through plan to build event exposure.

The Key to Success

The key to a great marketing plan is identifying and outlining what you and your teams goals, objectives and KPIs are for the event. The plan will also allow you to analyse the market, clearly identifying your target audience and work out ways to communicate effectively to this market.  The main goal of a marketing plan is to help you establish a clear and effective strategy to best utilise marketing channels and activities that will help you get noticed by cutting through the “noise” and speaking directly to your chosen audience.  

To help you kick start your event marketing plan, download our toolkit from The Event Bible. This kit is made up of 10 templates that will help you plan incredible events, including an event marketing template, event plan template, GANNT chart template, running order and so much more.

Do not be afraid to be very detailed in this document, it will be extremely helpful for your team to refer to and also allow you to thoroughly evaluate the success of the event. 

What Should I Include in the Plan

An event marketing plan will generally encompass very similar content across all formats of events. Here are some ideas as to what you may like to include. This is very top line and we do recommend you download the event management kit on The Event Bible for a more detailed event marketing plan template.

  1. Cover Page
  2. Contents Page
  3. Introduction
  4. Event Fundamentals
  5. Key Brand Messages
  6. Target Audience
  7. Support Network
  8. Marketing Activities 
  9. Event Marketing Schedule & Inclusions
  10. Event Marketing Activity Particulars
  11. Marketing Budget
  12. Team 
  13. Evaluation
  14. Appendix

The event marketing plan may take some time to develop and fine tune. It is well worth the effort, especially if you are working in a team. Good luck with your marketing and promotions!

The Event Bible offers incredibly useful template toolkits and phone consultations for those that need event management support and advice.


The Event Bible offers incredibly useful template toolkits and phone consultations for those that would like some event management support and advice.

The Event Bible

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