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Lena Lim Photography


Abbotsford, Victoria

New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia


My impressionist style fine art wedding photography captures the most meaningful moments in your life in a timeless and painterly manner. Through the use of film and digital photography, I delicately preserve all the elements of your unique love story, so that it may be relived and retold through the generations.

I work with couples who desire a relaxed wedding day with your memories highlighted in a soft and dreamy way. Gifting you with beautiful heirlooms you can cherish for the rest of your lives is my greatest pleasure.

Through my conceptual and creative editorial style photography, I will authentically document all the details of your special day – from the first glance to the last dance and beyond…

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Servicing regions

The Event Bible The Event Bible New South Wales
All New South Wales
The Event Bible The Event Bible Queensland
All Queensland
The Event Bible The Event Bible South Australia
All South Australia
The Event Bible The Event Bible Tasmania
All Tasmania
The Event Bible The Event Bible Victoria
All Victoria
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All Western Australia

Environmentally friendly

I use a combination of analogue and digital cameras. The analogue cameras have a long lifespan of several decades so they don’t need to be replaced much. I buy digital cameras sparingly and always pass them onto another photographer instead of discarding them in the waste so they can be reused. I only use high quality camera equipment so that they have greater longevity and don’t need to be replenished as often as single use items.

Reusable batteries – I use rechargeable batteries in all my cameras, so that they can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of time.

Waste minimisation – I only print out photos that are necessary for display and keepsakes. That way we aren’t using paper and ink unnecessarily.

Recycle paper – all of the paper in my office is sent to the recycling centre so it can be recycled and reused.

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