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Hyggelig Photography


Fitzroy, VIC




(pron. hoo-ger-lee)

A feeling of contentment, warmth and joy.

Melbourne photographer for loved-ones and lovers of all kinds

Natural, relaxed, light-filled photos of moments both big and small to revisit and remember forever

Let’s make some memories

Loving, intimate, comforting.

A deep sigh and a big smile.

You’re home.

We’re here for life, love and everything in between

We’re here for your first kiss as a married couple. The contentment and pleasure on your face as you take a deep breath of your child’s newborn smell.

The wild joy of family lounge room dance parties. The cheeky smile your child pulls as they throw their arm around their sibling. Your toddler’s hand reaching up to take yours.

We’re here for fist pumps and sweet kisses and tongue-pokes and wry smiles and nose rubs and the wiping away of a tear.

We’re here for all of it

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Servicing regions

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All Victoria

Environmentally friendly

Online delivery where possible.

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