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A well thought through vendor brief will not only be helpful for a vendor by also help an event manager in saving their time and money, so how to create a vendor brief? First things first…

What is a Vendor Brief?

A vendor brief will allow you to document important details about an event and outline in a clear and succinct manner what the role, responsibility and deliverables are from a particular vendor. This in turn will allow the vendor to effectively respond.

Benefits of Creating a Brief

There are a number of benefits to using vendor briefs:

  1. Provides a resource for vendors to access all relevant event information.
  2. Allows vendors to analyse and quote accordingly.
  3. Allows you to conduct an accurate competitor analysis.
  4. Saves you time and effort, reduces the need to go back and forward with communication/questions.
  5. Allows you to compare apples with apples.
  6. May save you money.
  7. Allows you to establish a brief that emphasises key brand messages and objectives.
  8. Allows you to provide a consistent form of communication to all vendors.

What to Include in the Brief

It is not hard to create a vendor brief, the tricky bit is ensuring that the information that is put into the brief is clear, concise and complete. To assist, The Event Bible has created a vendor brief template and photography brief template for you to access by downloading the Ultimate Wedding Planning Kit or the Event Management Kit.

The vendor briefs include the following information:

  1. About the vendor – contact details
  2. About the event – event manager details, date, duration, times, venue(s) details, dress, who is attending.
  3. Overview of the event
  4. Purpose of the brief – why are contacting the vendor?
  5. Budget allocation
  6. Vendor objectives, responsibilities, deliverables
  7. Timeline
  8. Specifications
  9. Special instructions
  10. Vendor event times – bump in and out details
  11. Set-up notes
  12. Checklist of documentation required from all parties and so on.

A vendor brief could save you time and money, so consider how to best develop this document to complement your specific event management needs.

To help you plan an incredible event, do not forget to download an exceptional toolkit from The Event Bible or perhaps you would like to book in a customised phone consultation with our event expert to receive specific event support.


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